Thursday, January 29, 2009

Final Blog

This semester was filled with new ways of learning and thinking for me. Moreover, the new technologies we have acquired in this semester was amazing. I thought making wiki spaces were more fun then doing writing and research projects about the book and or author. When I created my first wiki space, I was glad to see that you could personalize it. I was also glad that a group could work on the web page at the same time and didn't have to be together. Other online pages helped you with essay writing. That is nice because I am not a very strong writer. The web site, was also a very fun and new way to write. It was fun to see your own work online and available to other classmates to read. You could also customize blogger, and I love to customize my work so it is differnent than others work. In the end, this semester was a great learning experince.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

There is Daggers in Men Smile

In the book Macbeth, there is a quote that states, " There are Daggers in mens smiles". I believe this is partly true. This is a experince of mine that goes along with that conflicting quote. At the begining of the 2008 football season, I felt better then ever. As a junior, I was ready for my first year on varsity football. Throughout the summer I had worked hard with my teamates to prepare for the extreme season. Through backbreaking two-a-day practices and rigorous conditioning I gave my all to earn my varsity spot. To my surpirse, I had made a varsity spot at the postion I wanted the most. As the first Varsity football game of the year came, I was egar to show my skills. As the game went on I played well, even recovering a fumble. Just as everything was going well, I somehow mangened to pull my quad. This was my worst nightmire. It was not very serious but it kept me from playing in the next game. So after my week and a half on the bench nursing my leg, I was ready to resume my positions on varsity. But after a week and a half of no activity I was well behind. And with the game coming up in a day I did not get the postions I had on the first game. This killed me. I had to watch other kids play my postion. I was so mad at my coach that I thought he was out to get me or something. Just like he didn't want me to play. Thats alot like the quote from Macbeth " There are daggers in mens smiles". But a coach is a coach and he knew that I was behind from my injury, so he started someone else. At the time I thought he had daggers for teeth, but now as I look back on it I know why he did it. But as I regained stregth, and speed I was put back on varsity one postion at a time. So in the end sometimes you can think there is a dagger in a mans smile but that someone could also be making you a better person.